Energy Essences ~

Cynthia Offers Aura Readings, Energy Healing & Intuitive Paintings

  • AURA READINGS  -  The energies in and around your body emit colors and specific messages for you about your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing and well-being.

  • ENERGY HEALING  -  Specific energies & colors are brought in by Spirits and Angels for your highest good. Experience deep & profound personal healing.

  • INTUITIVE PAINTINGS  -  Paintings are channeled and created individually for each person. The shapes & colors symbolize specific messages and each painting comes with a reading.                       

RELATIONSHIPS - Gain insight and understanding into your closest relationships

PETS - Find out information about your pets, both present and past

LOVED ONES WHO HAVE PASSED ON - Receive messages from loved ones

YOUR FUTURE - Receive encouragement, insight and hope for your future path

LIFE'S PURPOSE - Receive guidance for your life's soul purpose

      ~ All of these gifts are offered to help increase awareness, healing and love. ~

Energy Essence Reviews

What My Clients Say


Cynthia’s intuitive painting and reading was amazingly right on and resonated with my issues that I was asking. I was grateful for the opportunity of a private session with Cynthia the third time we met. I only gave her a couple of very vague and broad topics that I wanted to read. She knew very little about me, let alone any details of the nature of the issues. Yet, whatever she painted and read from her painting spotted the very core of the issues that I am dealing with right at the moment. The healing portion later on gave me a much needed restful good night sleep, which I haven’t had for a long time. She is gifted without a doubt. I would highly recommend her services if you are feeling lost and trapped in your life.

G. Y., Massage Therapist, East Lansing, Michigan


Cindy brought forth an unexpected but welcome energy reading in her painting. Her outpouring of relevant information and subsequent energetic healing created a profound movement in me that I am so grateful for. I am now flowing and accomplishing things that I have been wishing and dreaming would begin to come out of me due to a huge life change. I will admit that I was already in a space of getting the ball rolling on some things, so it did take my initial steps of intuitive action to foster this growth. Right as she began her reading, I felt I was in good hands and what she revealed truly resonated with my spirit. Cindy’s words feel guided by a higher source and you will thank yourself for taking the next step in your journey if you accept what Cindy has to offer you. With love, Felicia Ann.

Felicia Ann, Intuitive Teacher, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Self Portrait2 (1)_edited.jpg

Cindy did energy work with me. I was really struggling with guilt, my son has been in treatment for addiction and struggling with life in general. My husband and I were struggling, not connecting and our communication became very poor. Since the energy session, I have had some very powerful dreams that have really helped me through this process. My son is doing well in treatment and is working very hard at work, he is putting on weight and taking vitamins. He is getting his spark back and is finding happiness in his life and enjoying being on his own. My husband and I have had some deep conversations and our starting to connect better. We are both going through huge transformations! I now have faith that we will navigate these rocky times and will come out stronger and closer than ever before. Jesus has been coming to me in my dreams and thoughts very regularly. There have been so many great things happening! I have a group of twenty ladies that want to attend my teachings on naturopathic health. I'm building confidence and reaching out to make connections. Yesterday I went to staples and the guy that made my copies wouldn't let me pay for them. There's a lot of great little things happening. I have a much better outlook on life now! I believe that the work that Cindy did for me has been very transformational! Thank you so so much! You are truly amazing.
(The painting shown here wasn't part of Katie's healing session.)

Katie T., Naturopath, Northern Michigan


~ Energy Essences With Messages ~

These examples show summaries of messages.

Full length Energy Essence messages are provided in video or written form.

See the YouTube channel (link in header) for examples of full length messages.



This painting depicts a time of transition for a woman, moving from a suppressed and guilt-ridden life to one of freedom, joy and expression. The painting and reading helped her accept the specific movement of this transition time. The blue represents the good elements brought forth from an unhealthy relationship into her new life. The orange depicts aspects of past religious and spiritual beliefs brought forth into her new life. The groupings of shapes depict the discovery that the person can create beautiful things out of her own authenticity. The movement and shapes depict the joy of her developing future.


This painting depicts a relationship between two friends. The painting and reading helped the customer learn what it feels like to have a healthy relationship, after experiencing many co-dependent ones. The green movements show playful, but grounding communication. The orange depicts spiritual aspects to their communication, as well. The yellow depicts a pureness in their relationship, and the crisp, clean, equally spaced shapes show a clean and healthy relationship - one with healthy boundaries and no unhealthy energetic attachments. The movement of the whole piece shows a playfulness as well as depth and stabilizing energy of the relationship.

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